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Authorization to repair

I authorize Trailer Tech USA to perform the repair work utilizing necessary labor, parts and materials.I agree that Trailer Tech USA is not responsible for loss or damage to the vehicle, or articles left in the vehicle, in case of theft, fire, or any other cause beyond our control. I agree that Trailer Tech USA is not responsible for delays caused by unavailibilty of parts, or delay in parts shipments by the supplier or transporter. I grant Trailer Tech USA employees permission to operate my vehicle for the purpose of testing and/or inspection. I understand if any closer analysis finds additional labor, parts or materials are necessary to complete the repair, I will be contacted for authorization, only if the amount of repairs that i will pay will be increased.

Old parts removed from the vehicle will be junked unless otherwise instructed. Owner must pay any core charges before returning.

I acknowledge that this work authorization approved supplemental estimates. I agree that if I should hault repairs for any reason, I will be responsible for the cost of any and all repairs completed to that point, as well as the cost of the repairs which are not returnable, or restocking fees charged to Trailer Tech USA, if I choose not to purchase said parts outright. I am entitled to retain any parts I pay for that are not returnable to their vendors.

Please note; there will be a 1.5% fee added monthly to any account with lack of payment by due date. Customer will be responsible for any and all fees, legal or otherwise, that may be associated with attempt to collect delinquent payments on account